Putting Yourself Out There


I almost never post on social media.

I don’t know what came over me the other day, but I was building a reading list and I decided to come out from behind my wall and post a simple request: “Tell me, what is your favorite book?”. I promised to offer a recommendation in return expecting only a couple people to engage. The responses I got are really what re-sparked my passion for developing good writing habits. I don’t like the feeling of being under a microscope, and I definitely, like most people, feel uncomfortable putting myself out there to be judged. The post asking for book recommendations gathered over 30 unique comments from people ranging from family, to close friends, to old friends, to people I had only met once, even to people I had never met who wanted to share their recommendation. Every single interaction was positive, I reconnected with people I hadn’t talked to in a while, and got a bunch of new books to add to my book list.

As it turns out, my fear was completely misplaced and unwarranted.  The spectre of impending judgement vanished because of a sincere effort to learn and to connect with people.

I’ve always considered writing as a strength of mine. I had a way of inhaling books from the time I could read, but writing consistently. I’ve tried posting things before when I was working on my Real Estate sales business but I always found that posting just to support your business sounded horribly stale and inauthentic if you didn’t do it correctly. Even though I’d consider myself an honest and sincere person and my posts got a number of views, I quickly lost momentum and quit because I didn’t feel like I was doing it for the right reasons. I was doing it so people would pay me money.

For the longest time I had bought into the idea that I could keep all my ideas bottled up in my head, work on them privately, and release them to the world only after they had been perfected. I could do everything in quiet isolation, and money would flow effortlessly into my bank account from all over the world.

I’m finding once again that In order to be successful you need to put yourself out there. Truthfully this goes against all of my natural instincts as I have always been a very private person. I don’t really seek the spotlight. My hope is that by putting myself out there and sharing my stories and ideas with people I will bring together a community who share in a few of my myriad interests, offering an opportunity to reconnect, collaborate, and help each other reach our goals.

I encourage you to read and comment with your feedback, advice, and criticism as the backlog of content grows. I am challenging myself to write and make my writing public for at least 30 days in a row. Hold me to it!

Check out the “The Purpose” section on the front page and look for more posts soon. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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