My Goals for 2017

By almost all accounts, 2016 has been a pretty stressful and divisive year for everybody. I mean, Prince, Harambe, and David Bowie died, Donald Trump is going to be president (deep breaths, yes that actually happened), Michigan ALMOST beat Ohio State, and the mannequin challenge is still a thing. I know the year isn’t over yet and we could have more fun surprises in store, but I for one have shifted my focus to how I’m going to make 2017 the best year ever. (And you should too)

How do I plan to do that?

By setting big goals.

How do you hit big goals?

Make them public so people make fun of you when you don’t hit them.

Peer pressure doesn’t just work for drugs and alcohol ladies and gentlemen.

My Goals for 2017

  • Earn $40,000 growing The Fraser Group
    1. Directing marketing and operations for my family’s real-estate sales company.
    2. Purpose: Learn an industry and develop business skills. Give back to my family for all they’ve done for me
  • Read 50 books
    1. Started a reading accountability group (8 members so far!) to help with this. E-mail me ( if you’d like to take part
    2. Purpose: Self-education
  • Have $30,000 saved in the bank
    1. Saving money to invest in assisted living facilities. Not kidding.
    2. Purpose: Have money saved up to spend when Real Estate prices drop. Buy buy buy.
  • Have a 10/10 year 1 coaching lacrosse. Learn about leadership and developing a winning culture.
    1. Hard to have a quantifiable goal here. I just want to be IN every game this season.
    2. Purpose: Develop leadership skills and provide value for kids
  • Fully test Oleo (2 Technicians and >50 vehicles serviced) and determine it’s viability moving forward.
    1. This is an app I’m developing that allows you to order oil changes to your home to be done on the street or in your driveway. Will be ready to go February 2017. More details coming, but e-mail me ( if you want the inside scoop.
    2. Purpose: To make people’s lives easier
  • Travel to 2 places I’ve never been before
    1. I’m thinking of enjoying all the US has to offer for now. I’ve got my eye on the Northeast and the Southwest.
    2. Purpose: to see places and meet people I wouldn’t by staying in the same place
  • Learn 10 songs on the guitar and be able to play them perfectly
    1. Purpose: to learn how to play guitar. Duh.
  • Have at least 350 articles written and posted on website
    1. Purpose: to become a better writer and to destroy my fear of criticism. 8 down, 342 to go


I’m interested, what are your goals for 2017?

Email me at


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