5 places I want to go.

I was reviewing my goals today and was reminded about how important traveling is to me. It’s something that I absolutely plan to do. Being immersed in a culture that is so different from your own is a way to get outside of your comfort zone in a big way — and as we all know, there’s no better way to learn and grow than by being outside of your comfort zone. The 5 places below are in no particular order, but I did pick a good spread of places across continents.

Here they are, 5 of my top travel destinations:

  1. France – France is on my list for 2 reasons. My mom was born in Orleans so a lot of her extended family, most of whom I’ve never met, is from there. France is very very old, and as a huge history nerd I would gain a ton of value visiting old battlefields like Verdun and Normandy from modern history, as well as old Roman and Gaelic settlements.france.jpg
  2. Korea – I’ve always been fascinated with east Asian culture — primarily because of how different it is from where I live now. I didn’t specify South or North here, the reason being that they would be really interesting to visit for different reasons. South Korea is obviously a very modern and exciting place to live, while North Korea I would go just to say I went.korea.jpg
  3. Kenya – Kenya would be the African country I would most be interested in visiting. It was from this area of Africa that our distant ancestors evolved and began their spread to dominate the globe. For me there would be something humbling and really powerful about visiting our prehistoric home and seeing where it all began.kenya.jpg
  4. Peru – Machu Picchu would be the shit.machupichu
  5. St. Petersberg – Russia has always fascinated me, and the architectural and cultural idiosyncrasies of St. Petersburg would be a great place to start exploring.stpetersburg.png


If you’re into learning about why travel is important and how to do it enjoyably, check out Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Old book but really interesting if you’re into travelling.

Where would you like to go?

Happy Sunday!

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