What I learned writing for 30 days straight.

One month ago today, I started publishing my posts publicly to all of you. I did a “halfway” check in a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to take this post to reflect on what I learned and gained from doing this little experiment. After 30 posts and 1,267 pageviews, I have completed a full month of writing without skipping a day.

As stated in my 14 day post (LINKED HERE) my writing, reading, speaking, and communication abilities in general have all measurably increased. When I speak to people I feel myself communicating with more confidence — it’s as if the right words come effortlessly. I have no doubt that this could be developed by other means, for example, when I was door knocking for Student Painters striking up conversations was effortless, but I am very surprised how effectively I can communicate now.

I talked about the 3 steps you must go through to make a change in my last post, and I really feel like I have reached the third stage of identity shift. Lots of writing has forced me into a period of self-reflection and analysis that I wouldn’t have experienced if I hadn’t started writing.

The self-reflection aspect has forced me to change some bad habits and figure out how best to improve upon the good habits I already have. Everyone knows exercise and nutrition are important, but I sorely underestimated how essential these things are to developing good habits. Changing my eating and exercise habits has dramatically increased the amount of energy I have all day long, and has regulated my sleep cycle.

My first love was and continues to be sleep — and sleeping 9 – 10 hours per day is a problem if you have big goals you want to accomplish. No doubt sleep is important (and I still get 7 – 8 hours every night), but I have been getting up before 7am every single day for the past 2 weeks and it’s made a measurable difference in how much I get done every day. Seriously, if you know me, this is a monumental accomplishment that I’m very proud of.

In addition I started and have been keeping up with (for the most part) the ketogenic diet (which is a very low carb diet – ask me about it), and I feel that in general my energy level has increased, meaning I have extra energy to exercise every morning stretching, running, and doing calisthenics

The biggest change that this blog has inflicted is just the general accountability over myself. Whether you are interested in what I have to say or not, I made a commitment to do it, and I would look foolish and lose credibility if I just talked a good game without actually doing the shit I told you I was doing.

I still plan on pumping out valuable info and insight every day I can. It will only get more valuable as I get closer and closer to my goals.

Here are some interesting stats for you:

Top 3 most popular posts by views:

Why I dropped out of College – 395 views

I wrote a book and someone hated it – 103 views

The worst week of my house painting career (Part 2) – 84 views

I’m not sure where I want this experience to take me — but I do know I’ve grown enough into it that I want to continue. I’ve gotten a ton of tremendous feedback from people and am so inspired by the comments that all of you leave, positive or negative. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and read the past month — I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

If you’ve always wanted to start writing/reading/doing whatever and are having trouble getting motivated, message me and we can keep each other accountable! Have a kick ass Christmas and start to 2017 everybody.




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