“Be Obsessed or Be Average” – Grant Cardone Review

Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone was recommended to me by Alex Ogorek.

The tone of this book is obvious from the moment you see the cover — Grant Cardone in a tailored suit and no socks straddling the jet turbine of his private aircraft. Grant has lived an incredible life filled with intense polarity. The book begins with him explaining where he came from and how his father dying at a young age had thrust his family from the middle class firmly into poverty. He spent most of high school and the early years of adulthood addicted to drugs, struggling to pay the bills and filling his time at a dead end job at a car dealership, putting in as little effort as possible.

After finally hitting rock bottom, Grant had decided to go to rehab. He vowed to use his addictive personality for good, and to obsess over and focus on being successful and making a name for  himself rather than letting it destroy his life and the lives of those he cared about.

He believes this obsession saved his life.

Grant’s opinion is that work life balance is a myth, and that the only way to get what you want and achieve massive success is to… well, obsess. Your business needs to be the last thing you think of before you go to bed and the first thing you think of every single morning. He defines success as the attainment of your highest potential — which of course varies from person to person.

Swim in the Koolaid, don’t just drink it, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad or inferior for wanting to be financially secure, spiritually whole, and live a life of abundance and happiness.

This book was a pretty short read but it was packed with info. I would label this book as a good mix  between a “rah-rah” book you read to get you pumped and refocused and a tactical book you would read to get concrete steps to take. Though I would say I’m more aligned with Gary V in the way he approaches success (with a little more humility and empathy), but Grant’s approach certainly has it’s merits. His style is one of extreme confidence. If you’ve read books like this before, there really isn’t a whole lot new to cover — just that reaching an obsession point with your desires is necessary to achieving success — that is, a life lived to your full potential.

If you haven’t been exposed to other books like this, this was a good one to shape your mindset, and the questions he asks as examples throughout the book were insightful and helpful on a micro scale.

You should buy this book if:

You are struggling with purpose and motivation and you need a kick in the butt to get going. Also if you are motivated and inspired by extremely confident (think Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenn Ross) salespeople who increase the energy of everyone around them to take action.

Thanks for reading — Happy Saturday.


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