The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Thanks to Phil Stodola for sending me the book, I really enjoyed it!

I feel like it’s really counter-productive to binge on “self-help” books, but I find that reading one every once in a while offers unique perspective and actionable takeaways, as long as you apply the knowledge to your life in a specific direction instead of just riding the high that reading an inspirational or motivational book inevitably brings.

This is what i would call an anti-self help book.

Manson’s main point is that people worry too much (they give too many fucks), and that causes stress and unhappiness. What you need to do is find the couple people/things/activities in your life that you actually want and give all of your fucks to them. Essentially Manson believes that suffering is inevitable and valuable — the high of drugs, or bouncing around from relationship to relationship for example are great in the moment, but the hollow void can be filled only by pushing through the suffering to achievement and mastery.

Most times after reading a book like this I feel energized and visionary — after reading this I felt a little bit sad, cautiously optimistic, and weirdly whole. I think that was the point.

I felt like it got a little bit convoluted in the middle, and some of Manson’s points felt somewhat contradictory… but the message overall was unique, helpful, and meaningful. It’s a short and to-the-point read, and the author doesn’t mess around. Definitely give it a read if you are into brutal honesty and real advice!

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