The Startup Project: OLEO Part 1 – Introduction

As many of you know I founded a mobile oil change service called Oleo in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been thinking of ways to produce content and add value outside of the service I provide, and what I’ve found is that people are much more interested in people’s stories and journeys than “3 ways to maintain your vehicle properly” posts.

I’ve toyed around with doing videos and producing this content through other media, but writing is what I’m best at and most comfortable with so I think I’ll stick to that for now. Still — I’d like to get out 1 video per week following me around or doing a weekly recap or something. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Essentially, this is a “daily journal” for those of you interested in following along with my story. The point of this is not to give off a false image of success or abundance to trick you into believing or thinking I’m more awesome/successful/smarter than I really am. I don’t have all the answers and I make A LOT of mistakes. Like, a lot a lot.

The purpose of this is 2 fold:

  1. I believe the days of hiding behind automated voice messages and corporate facades are over. Consumers have become jaded and less trusting of companies because they are so “oversold” every minute of every day. One of my goals is to bring honesty and transparency to the business building process.
  2. Whether Oleo is a success or a failure, being able to look back on the daily messages and accomplishments are huge for learning, self-awareness, and course correction. Perhaps I will look back and cringe at what I’m typing now, but who doesn’t have those moments in their lives? Those moments of realization are when you can inflict the biggest change. So I’m writing for my future self as a learning experience, and MORE IMPORTANTLY to make these mistakes and document them to provide support, guidance, and a template for anyone else struggling through this process.

I’m going to keep up and post one every day if I can, at the very least it will be very regular. I love hearing from you so please don’t hesitate to reach out on facebook or through e-mail if you have any comments or suggestions!


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