The Startup Project: OLEO Part 7 – Gaining Traction

This and maybe one or two more posts will be spent catching everyone up on what I’ve been up to the last couple months. At some point I will catch up  to where I am today and this will become less of a “reflection” and more a “documentation” of what I’m doing and where I’m taking things. Again, this will serve a couple purposes — keeping me accountable to results, and documenting my journey for all of you to laugh, cry (ha!), and join along with me.

At this point we’re in mid-February. Coaching had just started and is my primary source of income so I had to get all that set up and squared away.

Now – the goal is to figure out how to get a funnel of customers in one city first. Once that revenue stream is flowing a little bit, the next goal is to replicate that process, ctrl + c, ctrl + v (or whatever the hell you do on a mac… command? I dont know) in another city, and there we go, the business is growing. The HARD part (well, all of it’s hard but you get what I mean) is gaining traction in that first city and figuring out a process that works, so you can scale and replicate it.

Now, anyone who’s started a business before knows that businesses are like relationships — 3 months of butterflies, then you realize how much work it’s going to take, then you either push through that doubt/indecision/pain, or cut and run. Once you realize that customers aren’t going to fall into your lap, you have to go out and get them, you start problem solving instead of moaning and wishing things were different.

Entrepreneurs forget that they are so immersed in the world of their own idea that they don’t remember how little other people care about them or their fancy pants new app/product/service. You think that people will flock to your great idea because it’s a great idea and you created it… why wouldn’t they??


People don’t care.

It’s your job to make them care.

And the only way to do that is by adding enough value that they come back again and tell their friends about you.

Even though I intellectually knew this, it was a jolt to me a couple weeks ago when I put out flyers and Facebook ads, and not a SINGLE person responded. What. The. Fuck. Don’t you all know how hard I worked on this? Don’t you know how great this new oil change service is?

I experimented with talking to other businesses, and offering their employees $10 off for using my service. I wasn’t expecting huge results from this, and even though I still got 2-3 appointments using this method, it wasn’t enough to validate this method as worth my time.

I needed a way to reach a BUNCH of people quickly… but how?

Find out tomorrow! 🙂

Thanks for reading.



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