The Startup Project: OLEO Part 10 – Sales v. Marketing

When you pour a lot of focus and energy into a project, whether it be art, school, or business you quickly find out what you’re good at… and more importantly, what you’re not so good at.

For example. I feel like I’m weak at marketing, but I’m great at sales. Meaning, I struggle with capturing the attention of a large group of people… but once I have their attention I feel like I am able to build a relationship and add value.

Since I’ve been focusing on getting better at marketing (your business needs leads to survive, duh), I’ve been using the shotgun approach. I’m not sure exactly what kinds of companies would be more apt to use the service, so I’ve just been calling/stopping by a bunch of them hoping that something would stick eventually. Once I feel that lead out and build that relationship, I’ll be able to continue on the same path or pivot with the new information I’ve learned.

2 weeks of reaching out and finally a lead from a rental car company!

We are sitting down on Friday to discuss how Oleo can help streamline their vehicle maintenance. My experience with Student Painters doing estimates for homeowners I think will have prepared me for this — It’s much higher stakes and I have to be even more prepared talking to a business, but the principles are still the same.

I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how best to approach certain situations, especially if you have a tendency to overthink things like I do. It’s scary since I’ve never done this type of thing before, but I’m really excited at the same time to do this thing for real. Just gotta stay focused and keep your feet moving — take it one step and one day at a time.

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