Wondering What I’ve Been Up To?

I’ve moved around a lot and done a lot of different things… so I’ll start at the beginning.

I was born in Columbia, Maryland and am the oldest of 4 siblings (1 brother 2 sisters).

1 Year Old Ladykiller

I lived in England for 3 years (I don’t have an accent but I’m not bad at impressions).

We moved to Virginia in 1997, where I attended Arcola Elementary school through 3rd grade, and Aldie through grade 5. I was obsessed with baseball and had a ridiculous imagination.

I moved to Aurora, Colorado (suburb of Denver) in 2003 where I attended Middle School at Liberty and High School at Cherokee Trail.

I feel like I should explain this. But I can’t.

I played lacrosse, soccer, video games, and enjoyed a solid middle class upbringing.

The face of exhaustion

I was awarded a scholarship to attend university at The Ohio State University through Air Force ROTC starting in 2010, but I quit both college and ROTC in 2012 (see post about that here.

In service dress Freshman year

I started an energy drink business called Wake Up Juice with my brother in college. It failed due to lack of funding. I periodically worked waiting tables at Bravo! Italian Dining to pay the bills, but spend most of my time running an exterior painting business through Student Painters from 2012 – 2015.

Stu Whaaaaaaat?! 2013 Student Painters Awards Cruise
Wake Up Juice Concept Art

I wrote and published a book called No Bullsh!t in 2015, and left Student Painters shortly after that. I got my Real Estate License in Ohio to sell real estate, but got bored and decided quickly that I didn’t want to do that anymore.

Cover of my book

I started a company called Art of War paintball with a friend during the first half of 2016. It was designed to provide a realistic experience and squad mentality to the paintball field. It also failed.

Coming (again) soon

I got a job coaching middle school lacrosse at The Wellington School while I worked at Jiffy Lube because I wanted to learn about cars, then worked as a bartender at a country club over summer 2016 to recoup some of the losses from the paintball business. I moved back to Northern Virginia in October 2016 to direct marketing and operations for my mom’s real estate company.

Proud coach

Today I am the Director of Operations and Marketing (fancy right?) for The Fraser Group and am working on an app called Oleo that will allow you to order oil changes and other routine car maintenance to you home. I also was promoted at Wellington to become the head High School coach for the lacrosse team, and we will win the state championship in 2021.

Oleo App Icon

My very big 2017 plans are laid out in THIS blog post.

I love hearing from old friends, so please please reach out and check in if you have any questions or just want to catch up!

Love – Eric